Di Natale Consider Retirement at End of Season

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Di Natale Consider Retirement at End of Season

Contract with Udinese's Antonio Di Natale did not end until next summer. But with an increasingly aging age, Di Natale admitted was tired and considering retirement this season.

Di Natale is currently 35 years old and he is still a mainstay of Udinese at the front lines. And indeed it is recognized Di Natale 'Keladi Elders, The Old Makin So' as sharpness never fade from season to season. Even in the last three seasons the number of goals is always in the top 20 (29 goals, 28 goals and 23 goals).

This season is just a player who is familiarly called Toto has made it 15 goals from 25 appearances with Il Zebrette and he was captain of the team that is now inhabited the young players. Proof that life is not always a barrier for any player to show the light.

But every footballer must have limits and it seems like Di Natale was heading there. He admitted that he was tired of living the life as a professional footballer, though he actually still enjoy the game on the field.

With a contract that expires in June 2014, Di Natale said that he would think about his future at the end of the season whether to continue or retire. If any Di Natale will retire, Naples-born player was rumored to prefer to be a football coach kids clubs than Serie A.

"I have no problem with my current age, but after 20 years of playing football, started training me tired," Di Natale said in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport as reported by the Italian Football.

"I'm actually still enjoying the game. Months of June, I will decide what I will do. When the season ended I would rest and decide the best solution," said Di Natale.

During his career Di Natale has played in four clubs and appearing 580 times and scoring 250 goals.

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